Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just try.

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Now That's What I Call Music XIII

When my wife and I married, we went to the UK and Ireland for our honeymoon. Two years later (1989), she worked for six weeks in Oxford. When her stint was up, I flew over and we took a quick sightseeing trip round England and Wales.
While I was there in 1989, I went into a record store and many book stores (and I discovered CAMRA, yum). I noted that generally speaking the CDs were more expensive than in the US (and, not surprisingly, that books were cheaper and the beer better). I also noticed that all the top sellers were comps. I had never seen these kind of VA comps in the US (and didn't until NOW and its imitators came to this US sometime in the oughts). My conclusion at the time was that the English were not as well-off as Americans (even in Oxford) and that if they wanted their favorite music on CD, for many, the only way was with one of these VA comps.
Do you think this is a correct conclusion?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Soundtrack 13 Disc 1

  1.     Castaneda's Boogie - Shadowfax (5:57)
  2.     Digging in the Dirt (Live) - Peter Gabriel (7:36)
  3.     The River of Dreams - Billy Joel (4:08)
  4.     When it Comes to You - Dire Straits (5:01)
  5.     Miles Away - Jackson Browne  (3:53)
  6.     Bang and Blame - R.E.M. (5:31)
  7.     Round Here - Counting Crows (5:31)
  8.     The First Time - U2 (3:46)
  9.     Fugitive - Indigo Girls (4:37)
  10.     Love Is Everything (Harmony Version) - Jane Siberry (5:52)
  11.     I Can't Be With You - The Cranberries (3:08)
  12.     Possession - Sarah McLachlan (4:39)
  13.     She's a River - Simple Minds (5:32)
  14.     Regret - New Order (4:12)
  15.     Wonderwall - Oasis (4:19)
  16.     Why - Annie Lennox (4:54)
  17.     Strangers When We Meet - David Bowie (5:08)
  18.     +1 more

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Facebook and politics - reposting stories from biased sources

Demonizing the opposition is just wrong. It connotes a fundamental lack of empathy, which is the basis of a civil society.
Holding Romney responsible for everything that Republican candidates say is unreasonable. Excoriating him for his personal beliefs apart from his political philosophy and policy positions (whatever they are) comes dangerously close (particularly in his case)  to religious intolerance.
I voted for Republicans for years even when it was not in my interest to do so, because we agreed on some basic principles. (This is no longer the case.) I never voted for Ted Kennedy--not once--because I thought he was a morally vacant spoiled rich kid.
 I didn't vote for George W. Bush, because I didn't believe he had the inner strength required to lead this country; he let himself be lead instead. I voted for his father twice because I believed in his fundamental decency and integrity. I was probably wrong in that case.
Despite my scatalogical characterization of Romney on the stump or the debates, so-called, I don't doubt his ability. I think he has a fatally flawed view of how institutional relationships work, and what a President should do. He was our governor for four years, and he was not a malign force for the evil forces of darkness. Instead, he accepted working with a corrupt legislature because he had no choice, and was careful to make no decisions that might harm his chances for the Presidency. In so doing, he did basically nothing. Having taken that course in his quest for the highest office, I don't trust his judgment to do what is best for this country.  I think I mistrusted Dukakis for the same reason.
Is that a double standard? Sure it is. You vote your bias, and find people who vote their own biases inconceivably stupid. That's the American way.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Human Sexual Response - In a Roman Mood (1981)

The Swimming Pool Q's - Blue Tomorrow (1986)

24.Jun.2013 update It turns out Blue Tomorrow was released by A&M on CD in 1986. You can buy it used from Amazon Marketplace for as little as $63.20.
More importantly, a Kickstarter campaign by the Q's succeeded in raising enough money to reissue both their 1984 album The Swimming Pool Q's (which I never purchased) and Blue Tomorrow in a two-fer from Bar None Records (and Sony/Universal, which owns the A&M catalog). It is called 1984 - 1986: The A & M Years and comes in two flavors: 2 disc and 3 CD + 1 DVD versions. I got the two-CD version, so I don't know what the "rare" tracks are on the third disc. The fourth disc is a DVD of this that and the other thing about the Q's during their A&M years.
The Q's site is here. They are also on facebook.

Friday, September 9, 2011

On Retromania, Simon Reynolds (2011)

Standing on the soldiers of giants leaves me cold. (R.E.M., "King of Birds," 1987)
 p. 369 "One of [Portuguese poet Fernando] Pessoa's major preoccupations as a writer was boredom, or 'tedio' in Portuguese. In a passage describing the oppressive ennui that descends upon him during late afternoons, Pessoa writes ... "I don't know what I want or don't want ... I don't know who I am or what I am."

"King of Birds", Kahn & Selesnick kahnselesnick aeroplastic