Saturday, October 15, 2011

Human Sexual Response - In a Roman Mood (1981)

The Swimming Pool Q's - Blue Tomorrow (1986)

24.Jun.2013 update It turns out Blue Tomorrow was released by A&M on CD in 1986. You can buy it used from Amazon Marketplace for as little as $63.20.
More importantly, a Kickstarter campaign by the Q's succeeded in raising enough money to reissue both their 1984 album The Swimming Pool Q's (which I never purchased) and Blue Tomorrow in a two-fer from Bar None Records (and Sony/Universal, which owns the A&M catalog). It is called 1984 - 1986: The A & M Years and comes in two flavors: 2 disc and 3 CD + 1 DVD versions. I got the two-CD version, so I don't know what the "rare" tracks are on the third disc. The fourth disc is a DVD of this that and the other thing about the Q's during their A&M years.
The Q's site is here. They are also on facebook.